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Welcome to VortexCMS

A brief overview of who we are and we we aim to achieve

Hello, and welcome to the new home of what was once known as VibeCMS, we decided to rebrand before ever releasing the system because we actually struggled to design a logo that fitted with our vision and idea of what and who we are.

VortexCMS is born, a simple web application designed from the ground up to be simple and extremely powerful with options to expand whenever you want, with its built in hook system and extensive application system, the possibilities of what YOU, the end user can do is endless, only your imagination will hold you back.

We are forever looking at ways on how to improve the system, and make use of various frameworks out there to make VortexCMS, the system with endless possibilities.

Now, you may be wondering what VortexCMS actually is; simply put, it's a content management system with blog articles, the idea came from Andy Rixon, who was a keen user of Wordpress, and although very good, Wordpress didn't cut it for Andy, so he set out and began working on his own system that did exactly what he wanted.

It started off really small, with a blog system, then pages came along soon after, friends of Andy wanted to use Vortex, and also contributed ideas on how to improve the whole experience, in November 2020 it was given a name, VibeCMS, after roughly 6 months of being in development and then on 19th March 2021 it was decided to rebrand, before releasing to the public to a name that showed exactly what Andy had invisioned, VortexCMS!

Our aim is to provide a fast, powerful but simple web application for all of your content management and blogging needs, designed from the ground up with this in mind at all times and what our users really want out of Vortex.

News by Andy Rixon, created 20 Mar, 2021

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Andy Rixon

The mastermind behind VortexCMS and many other projects.

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