VortexCMS 1.0 Release Candidate #1 .:. VortexCMS
VortexCMS 1.0 Release Candidate #1

Now Available

We are proud to announce the initial release of VortexCMS, it has been a year in the making, starting off being unnamed with no real set path to where we wanted it to be, to being named and then renamed and here we are, a year later - VortexCMS is born.
Obviously there is no changelog to publish at this time, however we welcome you all to help us get all of the bugs (if there is any) out of VortexCMS and help us make VortexCMS one of the best out there.

News by Andy Rixon, created 3 Apr, 2021

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Andy Rixon

The mastermind behind VortexCMS and many other projects.

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